In English and other European languages, the town was known historically as Faifo. Originally, Hai Pho was a divided town with the Japanese settlement across the “Japanese Bridge” 16th th century. The river system was used for the transport of goods between the highlands, inland countries of Laos and Thailand and the low lands. Today, the town is a tourist attraction because of its history, traditional architecture and crafts such as textiles and ceramics. The port mouth and boats are still used for both fishing and tourism. Heritage and tourism[ edit ] In the old town was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as a well-preserved example of a Southeast Asian trading port of the 15th to 19th centuries, with buildings that display a blend of local and foreign influences.

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Here are some places you might like to visit:

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You will be greeted with a private check-in, welcome drink and information packet at the hotel. An elegant flower arrangement and fruit platter await you in your room. Hanoi With its tree-lined streets and graceful old architecture, traditional culture and fabulous street food, multifaceted Hanoi is a heady mixture of old and new, timeless and trendy.

The capital of Vietnam, millennium-old Hanoi gracefully mixes the old and new. French Colonial mansions line handsome boulevards, lakes and parks invite lingering, and modern office buildings tell of economic revival. Also on the agenda: Four hundred years later, the university opened its doors to gifted students from throughout the land, teaching them the principles of Confucianism for another years. Today you can experience Confucian tranquility among its beautiful gardens and pavilions.

Much of the original prison has been demolished, but the remnants are now a museum. Siem Reap is your base for exploring Angkor Wat, the heart of the ancient Khmer empire. The city has an allure all its own, with sprawling markets, a lively dining scene and enticing street food.

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For media contacts or to book speakers, email Media WinterSoldier. During the next three days, more than Vietnam veterans and 16 civilians gave anguished, emotional testimony describing hundreds of atrocities against innocent civilians in South Vietnam, including rape, arson, torture, murder, and the shelling or napalming of entire villages. The witnesses stated that these acts were being committed casually and routinely, under orders, as a matter of policy.

At its height, spokesman John Kerry went before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations to accuse the United States military of committing massive numbers of war crimes in Vietnam. The appearance launched Kerry’s political career. The charges he made shocked and sickened a nation, changed the course of a war and stained the reputation of the American military for decades.

The Best Day Trips from Hanoi is the perfect guide for travelers looking to explore the areas surrounding Hanoi, Vietnam. The Best Day Trips from Hanoi is the perfect guide for travelers looking to explore the areas surrounding Hanoi, Vietnam. but several temples dating from the 16 th century still stand. These buildings are dedicated to.

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Wide space and beautiful scenery Source: This is an interesting entertaining place for young people Source: Internet When coming here, you can sip a cup of tea, mojito or ice blended which are brewed with its distinct style. These beverages are not only eye-catching but they also taste good.

HanoiAt more than 1, years old, Hanoi is one of Asia’s oldest cities. Despite the deep-rooted history that shaped the bustling city, Western influence and modernization has taken hold of late.

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When I was living in Saigon , people kept telling me that Hanoi was a conservative town with unfriendly people, a curfew at midnight and a suffocating weather. In fact, I found barely any differences between the two cities, and particularly at night. Saigon is in my Top 3 party destination in Southeast Asia, and Hanoi is not far behind.

The hundreds of bars, clubs, lounges, spas and karaokes in Hanoi range from extremely basic 4 walls and a stool to world-class sophisticated venues.

HANOI: FAST-PACED, WITH CENTURIES OF TRADITION. Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi is a full-throttle blend of contrasts, where fast-paced streets give way to serene lakeside Buddhist havens, and centuries of tradition meet French colonial influence and growing high-tech modernity.

Performances are accompanied by a Vietnamese orchestra playing traditional music using drums, wooden bells, horns, bamboo flutes and cymbals. There are also authentic Vietnamese operatic songs telling the story that is being acted out by the puppets. Most of the shows recount Vietnamese folk tales and legends with topics including the celebration of the rice harvest depicted in a humorous fashion.

Water Puppet Theatre Highlights Shows at this modern theatre are performed in a pool of water as the stage for the puppets. The puppets are controlled by no more than eight puppeteers hiding behind a bamboo screen. The renowned Thang Long Water Puppet show is considered to be one of the cultural highlights of Northern Vietnam dating back to a tradition that first started in the Red River Delta. The live music plays an integral part of the show with singers often shouting words of encouragement to the puppets.

It is also advisable to pay more to get closer to the action as the theatre seats a few hundred people and the puppets are not that big.

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Share Most of them have straight-laced day jobs as civil servants, journalists, or even state officials. Many turn up every day and a temperature of 18C 64F did not keep a few dozen skinny dippers out of the water on a recent afternoon, though many had to warm up over hot tea by the fire. A temperature of 18C 64F did not keep a few dozen skinny dippers out of the water They say shedding their clothes makes them feel uninhibited, a rare chance to stray from the pack in the one-party state where social compliance and strict norms are taught from a young age.

Though public nudity remains taboo in much of Asia, nudist swimming clubs have popped up in conservative China, and tourist-haven Thailand boasts several naturalist retreats mostly for foreigners, while public bathhouses have long been popular across Japan and South Korea. But nudist bathing and beach-going is rare in Vietnam, a one-party state where porn is banned and communist propaganda posters are ubiquitous. Nudity in art, photography, film and dance is subject to strict censorship by eagle-eyed authorities, though some exhibitions featuring nudes have been given the greenlight in recent months.

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Overnight in Hanoi Day Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is a blend of long established traditions and modern imprints of Western colonization. Continue the walk to the Old Quarter, its fascinating network of narrow alleys and shop houses is also known as The 36 Streets, each street is named after the merchandise traditionally sold there, ranging from fabrics to crafts to medicines to tombstones. After all is the famous Water Puppet Show, a fantastic art form originating in the northern of Vietnam, best seen in Hanoi.

It is a purely agricultural village of the Northern Red River Delta which still preserves many hundred-year-old houses. Visit Mong Phu temple in Mong Phu commune – the only hamlet whose original village entrance remains intact. Continue on through the narrow alleys to see the old laterite houses which make up this charming village, visit Ngo Quyen temple and Phung Hung temple, places dedicated to two national heroes.

Nearby is Mia Pagoda dating from the 17th century. The pagoda has statues of all sizes, among which are famous sculptures such as the statue of Buddha in the Himalayas and the statues of the eight Vajra Deities.

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It is almost that Hanoi girls are using you more for the English language that for your wallet. If you want to meet Hanoi girls without paying for sex, read this article. A note of caution prostitution is illegal in Vietnam and many hotels will not let you take a guest back to your room.

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It has long been become a popular and great site to check-in and dating in Hanoi. Top of Hanoi is also an ideal rooftop bar you can visit. With the spacious terraces, long balconies, this bar offers a spectacular panoramic view of the skyline with a modern brasserie style cuisine. All are romantic restaurants that very ideal for couple to experience private moments together. The best time to visit Sky Walk is in the late afternoon or at the sunset to admire a sparkling city with colorful lights.

Moreover, this observation deck is also features a large screen which you can write anything you want. This is really an ideal place, right? It is considered one of the best places to take photos for couples in Hanoi. Moreover, the Old Quarter is a paradise street food that you cannot ignore. This is also an ideal dating place for couples who want to enjoy the bustling atmosphere. Xie Ta Street has a special attraction to foreigners, especially backpackers. Coming here, you will find many delicious dishes and bustling bars or coffee shops.

Ta Hien beer, grilled bird or grilled chicken leg are the must-try dishes in this street. You and your lover can hand in hand walk on the street together, eat street food and enjoy the beauty of the lake at night.

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Leave alone all the girls with ordinary jobs you can easily arrange dates with using the popular online dating site. Where to find girls in Phnom Penh? In the description to each type of venue below you can find not only the information about prices and how things are done in the different nightlife places but also where exactly you can find them as well as illustrated on the map. Girly Bars in Phnom Penh Call them whatever you like — girly bars, beer bars or hostess bars — the concept is always the same: Relatively small but neat bars packed with young and attractive Cambodian girls and sometimes a live band and often a pool table.

If you like a girl and she likes you too which is usually the case , you may take her out and straight to your hotel for some dirty fun. But you might want to give Mr. There is no entrance fee like everywhere else, so you can just take a look and if you like the girls then you can order a beer.

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