Central PA Went to the range yesterday, drug my one son who’s never shot a gun along. We broke him in with the and a picture target of OBL! It was a hoot. Next to the pistol range, a couple round boxes of WWB and away we go. After a few shots, had a fail to load. The bullet was just sitting there. Racked again, worked, so kept shooting.

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22 Ammo and Box Collecting There are a lot of companies that manufacture rim-fire ammunition and a few companies that aren’t around any more. What is fascinating to me is the variety of designs and marketing ideas company have put into selling their ammo over the years.

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So, many of you saw that my state of Maryland killed a man over the red flag legislation. Law is deadly force. Don’t pass a law, legislators, unless you are fine with someone getting killed over it. And now someone, predictably, has. One of ‘warrants’ served for this sort of thing.

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From one day to the next life as he and those around him knew it had changed drastically. The media, of course, told people that everything would be fine. But As Selco highlighted in a previous article, the reality of collapse was brutal. Peace and stability very quickly turned to war and madness. He details his experience in his One Year in Hell survival course. In the article below, Selco shares his views on what it means to survive when your entire way of life has been cut off from the rest of the world.

Do you really think that when not if SHTF events would be much different in your part of the world?

Vintage 30 Remington Ammo Questions?

The 44 Henry rim fire cartridge was designed for the lever-action, repeating Henry rifle designed by Benjamin Tyler Henry in the late ‘s. The Henry rifle was an improved version of the earlier Volcanic Repeating rifle. One heavily engraved Henry rifle was given to President Abraham Lincoln to help procure a government contract, but the Union forces only bought 1, rifles, although many Union soldiers bought their own to use in the war. By the time production ended in , after the Civil War, approximately 14, units had been manufactured..

The Henry rifle was the forerunner of the Winchester Model lever-action rifle, as after the Civil War, Oliver Winchester bought the failed Henry Company and improved the rifle to make the famous “Winchester Model “, which also used the 44 Henry Rim Fire cartridge and then later the different centerfire calibers.

Everything really starts with our Vision, which is: ‘To be the best-run business in America, and the most successful, most respected business in our industry, for the benefit of our Customers.’ This is a pretty bold Vision, but it’s absolutely real.

Winchester Prior to , Winchester had its own lot number system in which the dates repeated every ten years, making understanding the chronology of box design years even more necessary. So a Winchester ammo box with Winchester format lot number 23 equated to 23 December or or Lot number equates to 10 February Dating Boxes by Box Design 1. I have only limited examples of pre Western or Winchester boxes: Variations of this design were used from about The top with Winchester-format lot number 8 2 29H, equates to 29 August At some point during this timeframe some round pistol caliber trays changed from one-up-one-down open trays to white styrofoam.

Whether in Winchester or Western boxes, and unlike those used starting in , these styrofoam trays have the Winchester logo in bas relief molded into the bottom. Altho the red-yellow style box was reportedly used until , I have no yellow ammo boxes prior to , but I do have W-W yellow primer boxes with lot numbers in Keep out of reach of children”. In lot number, SN02 equates to 20 December In lot number, BC81 equates to 18 March In lot number DA82 equates to 28 January

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Fully figured walnut stock with Anson-release beavertail forend, pistol grip, classic point-pattern checkering and teardrops. Scalloped, bolstered, coin- finished receiver, with bushed firing pins, concealed third fastener and manual top tang safety with S inlaid in gold. Regulation of Double Rifles – If the two barrels of a double-barrel shotgun shot 3″ apart at 25 yards, not many people would notice because the pattern from each barrel, spreading two feet across at that range, would largely overlap.

If, on the other hand, the two barrels of a double rifle shot 3″ apart at 25 yards, it would probably shoot 6″ apart at 50 yards and 12″ apart at yards, limiting its utility.

A rare and early miquelet flintlock gun dating: late 17th Century provenance: Ottoman Empire. Aiden Jenrette Remington-Beals First Model Pocket Percussion Revolver 1 ×1 пикс Powder Horn, Black Powder Guns, Guns And Ammo, Shooting Range, Hand Guns. William Victory. old guns. Swords And Daggers Knives And Swords Dagger Knife.

The following items can be found on the A2Z Military Collectables website , with full descriptions, photographs and prices. This one is made of solid bronze and awarded to native bearers and servants; it has two clasps, the Tirah and the Punjab Frontier This medal is in excellent condition but all the naming has been erased; but both clasps are correctly attached and it comes on its original ribbon.

A very fine medal, a superb gap filler. Original American civil war period black leather ammunition pouch. It has been well used but remains in pretty good condition for its age. The inside still has the fabric compartments for the shells, there is wear here, some of the fabric has worn through, due to use.

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Jon Farrar’s Article on history of shotshell boxes. Finally, the solid lead spheres hit a pool of water at the bottom of the tower. This website also has photographs of. Michl’s website on German cartridges , including shotshells. Outdoor Nebraska article on shotshell history by Jon Farrar. In , DuPont purchased the remaining stock in Remington, and Remington then became a wholly-owned subsidiary of DuPont.

Jan 21,  · Old shotgun ammo. Discussion in ‘Shotguns’ started by Sommerled, Jan 21 2 3/4 “all new plastic” -4 boxes 12 ga Remington Express smokeless extra long range with “New Remington Crimp” 2 3/4″ these are plastic with a paper patch over the crimp. 2 boxes. I recently used up a few rounds of 2 shot loaded shells dating from the late 50s or.

This gives you a search box in the lower left corner of the screen in most browsers. Use the up and down arrows to move from one “civil” to the next “civil”. This same technique works on most web pages and can be used anywhere to search the page you are on. At this website it is also useful for finding things in the item index on a catalog. October – Putt, Putt, Putt June – 10 commercials you missed, truckers save man, facts about the USA, Clint Walker, as the stomach churns, old newspaper notices, children living dangerously, sayings, Rants and Raves, Arms Heritage- Tinder Lighters, Letters from readers and more Police Dogs, Marriage jokes, hidden beach and sinking boat, Detroit Home!

Put down your phone. Windchill explained; From Before Girls Smoked January – Bullet proof vest??

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No exceptions on shipping. Second, this is all old nos vintage ammo in collectible boxes. Third, these will be available here for around 3 days or so then they will be listed elsewhere.

Manufacture Dates If you’ve enjoyed the features on this web site, you will enjoy a membership in the Remington collectors club: The Remington Society of America. Your annual membership will bring you in contact with those who share your Remington interests.

Contact me at the following email address: Beginning January 1st, California law requires that all ammunition sales be conducted face-to-face, meaning no internet sales directly to California residents. Therefore, if you are a California resident ordering cartridges from my lists, I will need the address of a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer to ship it to, either your address if you are a licensed dealer, or the address of the licensed dealer you want to handle the required face-to-face transaction.

Unless otherwise indicated, the pictures on this web site are my property, and should not be used by anyone without my permission. Welcome to The Cartridge Collector’s Exchange. I offer a wide range of antique, obsolete, and modern ammunition and related items. If you aren’t a cartridge or gun collector, you probably won’t find much to interest you here, but by all means, you’re welcome to stick around and check it out. If you do have an interest in collecting ammunition, then I hope you will bookmark this site and drop in from time to time to read my monthly blog click on the ‘This Month’s Pictures’ link on the left side of this page for my current blog and the ‘Picture Archives’ link for prior blogs to see what cartridges and related items I’ve been stumbling into, or to look through my current lists of cartridges in the ‘Cartridges for Sale’ links also to the left.

My primary focus is on single antique cartridges, both old and new, as well as full boxes of cartridges. In the contents section to the left are also selections that allow you to navigate through the various other pages on the web site by clicking on the different links. These include a little background information about me and my collecting interests, ordering information, pictures and descriptions of posters and reproduction cartridge box labels that are available, and links to informative and helpful web sites that I have found on the internet.

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The lot sale includes uniforms, a wealth of US and Nazi Germany World War II medals, insignias and memorabilia; and approximately 70 lots of antique and vintage firearms. All forms of bidding will be available, including live via the Internet. Most of the uniforms to be auctioned are from a single collection. One of the top entries is a full uniform presumed to have been the property of Donald R.

Infante was the subject of a book titled The Infante Years.

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Lot of 6 collector box all built by Gevelot Canada located in Saskatoon, Sask. One full box of scarce Kynoch Greener Harpoon gun cartridges. The primers are marked 1. These cartridges became so scarce that Navy Item C Price: These rounds were designed for use in self loading firearms. The boxes are a little grungie but the cartrid Item C Price: A scarce bandoleer of Canadian military cartridges. The cartridges are the 7. Plain cardboard box not intended for commercial sale.

The blackened bases are not drilled for primers. Most show a small stress crack asso Item C Price: A very scarce box of test cartridges. The cartridges are head stamped FA test with lead bullets.

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New with tags Location: Made in the USA. I do not use hobby grade leather! I do not use reenforcing grommet rivets for lacing as they will scratch the gunstock. Then light brown, and then medium brown.

Also dating from the Second World War is a large selection of medals and insignias, both American and Nazi. Most will be sold individually, with the average estimate being $$

Our privacy policy We are a shop in West Sussex on the South coast. Our shop is easy to get to with plenty of parking. We accept cash and cards. Many of the products are available for mail order. Boys and their toys! If you think pre charged pneumatic air gun shooting is too expensive then have a look at this We have had nothing but good reports on this gun.

Comes with filling adapter and has a pressure gauge neatly in the stock to tell you how many shots you have left. Not ordinary cases, oh no. These are ex military night vision cases with rubberised seal, really good closing mechanism, carry handle and constructed so you can stand on them without breaking them.

Offers great protection of contents be them pistols, shooting accessories, tools, camera equipment or even a Kite night weapons sight! And they are all riveted together in typical army no nonsense style. Rubber inserts provided for a night sight that are easily pulled out if not needed. The cases show cosmetic signs of use but perfectly usable.

Replacing the Handle on an Old Wood WW1 Ammo Box