It marks the site of the home and general store of Samuel Downer, Jr. The plaque states, “researched by Westfield Historical Society. The sources consulted about the bell incident include: I performed this tour under a Captain Mulford. He does not make specific mention of when the taking of the bell occurred. The bell was thrown out of the steeple to the ground without injury, and carried to New York. It was peculiarly fine toned, and was often heard before it was carried away, by the inhabitants of Staten Island and Chatham Village. As it had the name of the Parish cast on it, it was readily given up and brought back, but before it was replaced in the belfry it was broken, and materially injured.


Check this sprawling house. I can imagine either family living here. Sagging just a bit though. The view above right once looked out over open fields, but now looks across the Kill Van Kull to the oil processors of Bayonne, NJ. Sea captains often built homes on Prospect Avenue and Richmond Terrace like this 2nd empire mansard roof house just east of Lafayette on Prospect.

These were used mainly to light side streets.

Historic Richmond Town is an authentic town and farm museum complex in the neighborhood of Richmondtown, Staten Island, in New York City. It is located near the geographical center of the island, at the junction of Richmond Road and Arthur Kill Road.

Burrows and Mike Wallace remarked in their history of New York. New Netherland was ceded permanently to the English in November through the Treaty of Westminster , [61] in exchange for Run Island , which was the long-coveted last link in the Dutch nutmeg trading monopoly in Indonesia. The city, greatly damaged by the Great Fire of New York during the campaign, became the British military and political center of operations in North America for the remainder of the war.

The Brooklyn Bridge was under construction from until Tammany Hall , a Democratic Party political machine , began to grow in influence with the support of many of the immigrant Irish , culminating in the election of the first Tammany mayor, Fernando Wood , in Tammany Hall dominated local politics for decades. Central Park , which opened to the public in , became the first landscaped public park in an American city. The city’s strong commercial ties to the southern United States existed for many reasons, including the industrial power of the Hudson River harbor, which allowed trade with stops such as the West Point Foundry , one of the great manufacturing operations in the early United States; and the city’s Atlantic Ocean ports, rendering New York City the American powerhouse in terms of industrial trade between the northern and southern United States.

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She has since written a book about her experiences, has a weekly radio show and has become an inspirational speaker on personal empowerment. He had a PhD in education, traveled widely and lived a life guided by his Christian faith, a critical attribute for Debby, a Mormon whose husband had died five months earlier. In the office of her tidy home west of Lake Worth, she scrutinized his photo.

It showed a tall, muscular, middle-aged man in a blue t-shirt, baseball cap and sunglasses.

Approximately 95% of the material within can be found on the New York Public Library’s website in its Staten Island section: the biggest chunk being 81 pages of “Old Staten Island Names” taken from Morris’ Memorial History of Staten Island, which can be found on other sites as well.

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Aug 29,  · August 29, , Page The New York Times Archives. DESPITE the recession, Staten Island, New York City’s last frontier, is building homes faster than any o ther county in the state.

Welcome to Historic Richmond Town! We are a completely authentic, real and original town and farm museum complex featuring unique treasures dating all the way back to the mid s. Each day, we celebrate centuries of American life. We connect the past with the present so the future can be imagined. Everyone likes a good story. And every object and structure here has a great story to tell. These true tales are so powerful that we believe, “Every house, every artifact, every bit and piece of history, tells its own story.

As New York City’s only historic town and farm, we are not only America’s historic town – we are the heart of New York. You are welcome to discover centuries of American life.

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In , in order to encourage an expansion of the Dutch settlements, the English resurveyed Oude Dorp which became known as “Old Town” and expanded the lots along the shore to the south. These lots were settled primarily by Dutch families and became known as Nieuwe Dorp meaning “New Village” , which later became anglicized as New Dorp. Captain Christopher Billopp , after years of distinguished service in the Royal Navy, came to America in in charge of a company of infantry.

The following year, he settled on Staten Island, where he was granted a patent for acres 3. According to one version of an oft-repeated but inaccurate tale, Captain Billopp’s seamanship secured Staten Island to New York, rather than to New Jersey: Mayor Michael Bloomberg perpetuated the myth by referring to it at a news conference in Brooklyn on February 20, As part of this process, Staten Island, as well as several minor neighboring islands, was designated as Richmond County.

In and , the English divided the island into four administrative divisions based on natural features: These divisions later evolved into the four towns of Castleton , Northfield , Southfield , and Westfield.

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Part of the rich history of Staten Island has been the presence of spirits, ghosts, and otherworldly creatures. Staten Island natives like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine have always had a bit a hidden quirkiness to them. And while Staten Islanders seemingly appear to be more family-oriented people these days, their history offers a lot of mystery and intrigue. In recent years as the summer days grow shorter, and begin to bleed into the fall, more and more Staten Islanders like Frank Camuso ready themselves for ghost tours, and haunted houses — indicating the fall is here, and Halloween is right around the corner.

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Beyond social studies, students could use newspapers to observe changes over time in geography, advertisements, living costs, climate, and so on. Below are seven ideas that could be augmented across grade levels. Location Exploration Students find neighborhoods and landmarks, and compare their historical and current day conditions. Read an article about the location.

Describe an event that took place there. Write about how the location has changed over time. Find pictures of the location in the NYPL digital collections. Find a map in the digital collections, and compare it to a Google view today. Visit the location, and consider what buildings, streets, and so on might have been there at the time, and what has been added or removed since then.

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Bell-cast eaves, which protect exterior walls from rainwater running off the roof, are a common detail in Staten Island architecture dating back to the late 17th century and incorporated into later styles. In this case, the eave features a detailed classical cornice supported by large columns creating a Greek Revival portico. The eaves are decorated with curvilinear, jigsawn bargeboards, a sign of the Gothic Revival just coming into fashion on Staten Island at the time the house was built.

FACSI relies on donations and grants to continue with the care, restoration and seasonal maintenance of 11 Staten Island Cemeterires dating from through Please make a tax deductive donation today to: FACSI, Myrtle Avenue, S.I., N.Y.

More than 16, books focusing on history, art, and nature are housed within the library. The extensive book holdings of William T. Davis constitute a fascinating portion of the archives. A large collection of books, pamphlets and periodicals concentrating on various facets of Staten Island history enables researchers to analyze an array of information dating back to the inhabitation of Native Americans.

The largest collection of books covers natural history, both local and worldwide. They provide data and information in the fields of geology, botany, archeology, mammalogy, entomology, and more. History related books on archeology, genealogy, art, architecture, historic sites, the military and more, allow researchers to find comprehensive resources to make sound analysis and documentation of local, domestic, and international historical events, trends, and occurrences.

Many of the books found in the Museum’s History Archives cannot be found anywhere else. For this reason scholars have found the Archives to be an excellent resource for locating long forgotten published material.

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On November 4, just off the shore of Staten Island, sat a beautiful ship named the Mary Celeste. She was anchored and awaiting departure to Italy to deliver some 1, barrels of pure alcohol. On board there where 10 people in total; the Captain, Benjamin Briggs, his wife, Sarah with their 2 year old daughter Sophia, and 7 crew men.

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Reports of a loud growl, voices, and footsteps and on one occasion, the entire facility shook violently. On the second floor, a chair that was placed in the corner, when the witness turned around to walk out of the room, their partner yelled that the chair was now at a desk in the center of the room. Baron Hirsch Cemetery – The cemetery has spirits dating back to the early ‘s. People who live in the neighborhood have reported that some of the spirits from the cemetery have gravitated to the houses near the cemetery property and have now become unwelcome residents.

Shadowy figures have been seen near these homes. Old Brier House – Now an abandoned old building. A little girl who once lived there saw an apparition of a women in a wedding gown at the end of a hall. Billop House foot of Hylan Blvd – occasional apparitions of several Revolutionary War era ghosts in the house and garden. Canard Mansion now St. John’s Univ-Howard Av – Ghostly face of man who committed suicide in the ‘s appears at window of second floor. College of Staten Island – The college radio station WSIA has had reports of equipment running on its own and lights going on and off, there have even been sightings of figures standing in rooms alone.

The Conference House, next-door to The Billop House – It’s said that the house is haunted by Redcoats- when walking through it you can feel someone tap your shoulder or you can hear the faint sound of singing. Fort Wadsworth – The ghosts here play games with your eyes. Sights of a mysterious soldier ghost walking through walls and moving cars, also some people have reported blacking out and having flash backs- one woman reported flashing back into a war time and seeing though the eyes of a nurse with black curly hair she saw people hurt and dying in a room she looked out the window to see more and a soldier grabbed her arm and turned her around screamed in her face to get down and take cover, the room exploded and she snapped back to reality.

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